Fun Customer Cars from the 1900s

Here’s a 1933 Ford with a Corvette engine. No door locks on this expensive kit car.




And this 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon needed…

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“Laser” Keys

No one actually cuts keys with a laser beam! Instead, “laser” cut keys are milled with a tiny router. Regular house keys are cut on a key machine that uses a circular blade, whereas laser-cut/side-winder/milled/high security keys are cut…

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Fun Customers

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Lose your keys?

We’ll go just about anywhere! This is Tahoe BEFORE the latest storms of February, 2017.

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Chipped Keys




Cars and Trucks

Transponders -Electronic Keys!!!

Our transponder keys typically cost a fraction of what the dealers charge.  Our computer “reads” the electronic transponder in the…

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Current Challenges: Antique Locks

Lively Locks & Dead Bolts rarely refuses a challenge. Here are a few unusual jobs that have recently crossed our path.


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