Vintage Motorcycle Keys

Today’s project: Make ignition keys for  a 1938 Indian Motorcycle.

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Trains in the Yard

About once each year we’re called out to some sort of caboose to make keys or install locks.

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Our Newest Decoder

Master Lock Keys

Master Lock Company makes locks that take many different keyways. We try to stock them all.

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Locksmith License Plates

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Antique Locks

These locks were found at the California Railroad Museum, and at the old

Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store.

Electronic Access Control

Sure, we can bring you into the 21st century. These locks work with a keypad number, OR with a key, OR with a key fob, OR with a card, OR with a cell phone. Employees can be added or…

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Defective Key Blanks

People who’ve gotten their keys copied at hardware stores or big box outlets often ask me why the key copies don’t work. What is so hard about cutting a key?

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1950 Olds Special 88

This merry old Oldsmobile had no keys.

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Just Another Airplane

Every now and then someone needs a key for an airplane. The tiny, two-seat cockpit makes airline seats seem big.

The “door” lock came right out (first photo). Lock is on lower cowling.

The ignition switch did not come out, so I…

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