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California Contractor’s License #520552

California Locksmith Permit #1501

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Auburn mobile locksmith

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530.878.8949 (Auburn/Colfax)

530.269.0230 (Grass Valley/Alta Sierra)

916.624.3040 (Rocklin/Loomis)


California Contractor’s License #520552

California Locksmith Permit #1501

Service Area

We’re based in Meadow Vista, California, just ten minutes from Auburn, but we’ve had commercial jobs as far away as Rogue River, Oregon! We’re in Grass Valley and Nevada City almost every day. Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville? We’ve got lots of accounts there. Foresthill, Cool, Pilot Hill and Georgetown? No problem. Dutch Flat, Alta, Blue Canyon? Glad to come, and in the winter we carry chains! We drive a lot. That’s part of the fun! And if you’re in Meadow Vista, where Mike lives, all the better!

Hours of Operation

Mostly 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturdays if you insist, but like most locksmiths, Lively Locks & Dead Bolts can be called at any hour of the day or night. “Emergency Service” doesn’t necessarily mean 24/7, so you might get an answering machine. Best not to test us at 3:00 a.m.!

Emergency Calls

car keys

Most good locksmiths can get into almost anything without doing damage. At Lively Locks & Dead Bolts we’re patient and persistent. Be prepared to show us some ID (specifically, a valid driver’s license) and possibly a vehicle registration if you want us to get into or make keys for something, e.g., your car, house, office, warehouse, boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, tractor, truck, garage, room-mates bedroom, tool box, cabinet, drawer, closet, safe, jewelry box, padlock, bathroom, submarine, airplane, or Santa’s workshop. We don’t get in for burglars!

Vehicle Lock-Outs

For expert locksmiths, there are at least six possible ways to get into most vehicles, which is why calling Lively Locks & Dead Bolts is so much smarter than calling a tow truck. We might use one of several different specialty entry tools. We might pick the lock. If a key is clearly visible inside the car, we can actually make a key by looking at the cuts on your key. If no key is visible, we can often fit a key for the lock from the outside by impressioning or decoding. If the driver or dealer has a code number, we can make a key by code. In emergencies, we can drill (and then replace) the door lock, although in 30 years we’ve never had to go to that extreme. And as last resorts, (options 7, 8, 9, and 10) there’s always a sledge hammer, crow-bar, large rock, or dynamite. Just kidding!