Lively Locks & Dead Bolts – Products

locksmith toolsOur service vehicle is packed full with nearly every imaginable lock, from itty bitty padlocks to 5-drawer file cabinet bar locks. For your home or office, we stock Schlage, Kwikset, Weiser, Weslock, Medeco, Adams Rite, Norton, Von Duprin, Jackson, CompX–National–Timberline–Fort–Chicago, Slide-Co, Latchguard, Supra (GE) Lock Boxes, Ilco Keyblanks, and a host of other products.

Lively Locks & Dead Bolts stocks Master Padlocks, and can factory order any Master products. We stock a wide variety of automotive replacement locks for doors, trunks, and ignitions, including Ford, GM, Dodge-Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan. We carry file cabinet locks, desk and drawer locks, realtor lock boxes, decorative hardware, door peep holes, sliding glass door and window locks, padlocks and hasps, cam locks, mailbox locks, wardrobe locks, and on and on. Our nationwide suppliers keep us up to date on modern styles and finishes, and we can order locks from almost any manufacturer.

High Security Locks and Keys

We use the Medeco brand, unsurpassed in quality and key control. The keys have angled cuts, and for all practical purposes, they are pick-proof. Forget “bumping” them open. Medeco locks are highly drill resistant, and are commonly used on slot machines and money change machines. The duplicate keys for most Medeco products are available only with your signature and specially issued card, and they’re shipped from the Medeco factory in Virginia. No hardware stores can ever copy your keys. Medeco locks are re-keyable (issued with a new set of keys and a new signature card), and the Medeco key plugs retro-fit into many existing Schlage locks, saving you the cost of a new lock.

Push-Button Locks

Door LockInstead of issuing keys, give your employees their own code, key fob or key card! With an electronic entry lock, you can add a new employee code or delete an employee’s code in less than a minute, or you can completely change the codes for entrance into your premises. Press one number, and the lock remains open all day. Press another number, and only the employees can enter. Press another number, and no one but you can enter! It’s easy and wireless with Alarm Lock’s Trilogy T2, or Trilogy T3.

We also sell push-button realtor lock boxes, push-button levers and deadbolts, and push-button locks for commercial storefront doors. From simple mechanical locks which never require batteries, to multi-function time-keeping locks which monitor the comings and goings of employees, janitors, and service personnel, Lively Locks & Dead Bolts has the experience of installation plus the expertise of the industry.
How about a digital push-button keypad for your safe? Aren’t you tired of turning that frustrating safe dial back and forth? Get rid of that obsolete thing and let Lively Locks & Dead Bolts install an ultra secure digital keypad. You’ll then be able to get into that safe as fast as you can dial a phone number! Digital keypad safe locks are as secure as the old-fashioned dials, so what are you waiting for!?

Door Closers

Commercial doors that slam are a hazard! And doors that don’t close cost you money in wasted energy. Lively Locks & Dead Bolts adjusts, installs and replaces door closers! We always have in stock several commercial door closers, both surface mounted and concealed, including those made by Norton, Jackson, and International. We make your commercial doors open and close smoothly, quietly, and safely!


Safe Lock RepairWe’re experts at safe combination changes, safe repairs, and safe penetration. If you can’t get into your safe, STOP! Call Lively Locks & Dead Bolts immediately! We can often get into your safe “one last time” in order to make necessary repairs. If the safe has been vandalized or is damaged beyond repair, we’ll drill it open! Gaining entrance to safes is quite technical and can be somewhat unpredictable, however our success rate is high. We sell Amsec (American Security Products) safes because they are among the best, made right here in California. They make floor safes, fire safes, burglary safes, drop safes, data safes, and other specialty fire and burglary safes. If Amsec makes it, we can get it for you, always below retail price (excluding possible freight, although we can sometimes avoid a freight charge).