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Lively Locks & Dead Bolts cuts keys that work! With virtually thousands keysupon thousands of key blanks in stock, we carry hard to find key blanks for less common locks. From Abus to Yale, and everything in between, if we don’t have it, we’ll try to get it. We carry an extensive line of automotive and motorcycle keys–both foreign and domestic, boat keys, tractor keys, safe keys, safe deposit keys and alarm keys. Our incredible stock of RV keys, including FIC, Trimark, and South-Co, amazes even the RV dealers! We even stock RV master keys (dealers only!). We do have the capability of cutting laser cut keys (also referred to as side-winder or milled keys, including older Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Infinity, Saab, Lexus, Toyota, VW and Audi), and we also copy most Ace type alarm keys. We can even copy some of the newest transponder and electronic keys.


We know door hardware, and we know how to install it. We can explain the difference between “good, better, and best” when it comes to leversets, deadbolts, panic bars, and door closers. Although our experience tells us that heavy duty, name brand hardware is generally preferential, we’ll give you the option of choosing a more economical route when securing your premises.


Whether you purchase hardware from us, or from another source, we’ve got over 30 years of installation experience. Deadbolts, knobs and levers, panic hardware, door closers, peep holes… you can be sure that your locks will be installed with expert care and precision. We even carry our own vacuum, and clean up when we’re finished!



Our knowledge of locks might save you a fortune! Hardware on public entrances takes a real beating, and for public safety, commercial door levers and panic hardware must work properly. It’s not uncommon that a missing $12 part keeps a $1200 panic bar from functioning correctly. We often spot these problems immediately. Other existing conditions or problems (like the settling of an entire building by ½”), might take a little more sleuthing. We always like a good challenge!

We also specialize in repairing and replacing the locks in older cars and trucks, and can usually make new locks fit your existing keys. If your existing keys are worn out, we can make new, factory fresh keys right from the lock. We stock the older GM “in dash” ignitions (all four configurations), as well as ignitions, door locks, and trunk locks for many GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan products.


This is an art that Mike has, well, mastered, and with the newest computer print-outs that give us up to 64,000 different key combinations for your business complex, your options for key control and flexibility are vast. From two doors to 2000 doors, from restricted key blanks (which the hardware stores can’t get), to great-great grand mastering, your days of carrying a frustrating ring of keys are over. We can even supply you with a key cabinet, ID tags, and charts for key dispersals. You’ll be able to keep accurate records telling which keys go to which personnel, and exactly how many key copies have been made. Key control, once and for all!

Senior Discountslocksmith

Yes, we give them, 5% off the entire bill, which isn’t much, but these days it can’t hurt! If you’re willing to say you’re a senior, then you’re probably old enough for the discount! What’s even more important is that we take extra care with our senior customers. Mike makes sure that old fashioned value and integrity go a long way at Lively Locks & Dead Bolts. We recommend locks and hardware that we would install for our own families.


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