GM Ignition Repair

Cutting keys is only about 10% of what we do. With this Chevy van, the keys were working intermittently in the ignition. Why? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.

First, take the shroud off, upper and lower. The…

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Key Fob Update

Be sure to purchase your key fobs from a reputable source. In order to make the fobs work, we plug our computer into your car’s OBD port under the dash, then program the new key to your car’s computer….

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1935 Dodge Sedan

These Yale keys were pre-bent at the factory. Only made for a couple of years. Not sure why they had to be bent.

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Dinosaur Security

These customers needed deadbolts, but as an upgrade we added these dinosaurs.


Just Kidding!

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New Keys/Old Keys

At Lively Locks & Dead Bolts, we constantly update our key blank inventory so that when you, the customer, asks, “Do you have a hood lock key for my 1998 Southco Motorhome?” or when you might ask, “Do you…

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Fun Customer Cars from the 1900s

Here’s a 1933 Ford with a Corvette engine. No door locks on this expensive kit car.

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“Laser” Keys


No one actually cuts keys with a laser beam! Instead, “laser” cut keys are milled with a tiny router. Regular house keys are cut on a key machine that uses a circular blade, whereas laser-cut/side-winder/milled/high security keys are cut…

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Fun Customers


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Lose your keys?

We’ll go just about anywhere! This is Tahoe BEFORE the latest storms of February, 2017.


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Chipped Keys




Cars and Trucks

Transponders -Electronic Keys!!!

Our transponder keys typically cost a fraction of what the dealers charge.  Our computer “reads” the electronic transponder in the…

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